DogSpace Bonnie Extra Tall Gate

DogSpace Bonnie. 105cm extra tall  Pressure Fit Dog gate in black, fits openings between 73-80cm – no drilling or wall cups required, everything you need is in the box ready for you to set up!

DogSpace – A new range of specialist super tough and environmentally friendly dog gates, room dividers and play pens.Suitable for all dog breeds small, medium, large and extra large

All designed and manufactured in our very own environmentally accredited factory in Denmark since 1947. There are no harmful substances in any of our gates. So go ahead. Lick, bite, and scratch all you want. We can’t guarantee you they will taste any good though!

They are all tested and approved to the latest European safety standard (so safe to use around children too).We give them a space where they can play and romp about until their hearts content


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