Kong Connects: Kitty Comber

The KONG Connects Kitty Comber provides a self-grooming experience for cats while fulfilling their natural grooming instincts. Rubbing back and forth across the KONG Connects Kitty Comber, cats unleash a blissful massage that answer cats’ natural grooming instincts. The Kitty Comber also features a freestanding, snap-together doorstop that is easy to move from door-to-door, offering a varied experience. Sprinkle KONG North American Premium Catnip (included) in the catnip channel to open the door to total kitty delight.

• Satisfies cats’ natural grooming instincts
• Self-grooming combs help boost circulation
• Easy to move from door-to-door offering variety
• Freestanding doorstop snaps together without tools
• Includes pouch of KONG North American Premium Catnip for refills

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